Alaina Koutsogiani to breathe fire at Drexel

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Alaina Koutsogiani to breathe fire at Drexel

Alaina Koutsogiani locks it up with Drexel University for ⚾ and 👩‍⚕️💉🏨 in 2021. Alaina is a base stealing machine that will add immediate value to the Dragons already monster lineup. She saves games now and she’ll save lives after she finishes medical school. Alaina is a student at Peters Township and carries a steady 4.0+. All around amazing.

We are so proud of you Alaina and so blessed to have the opportunity to coach you. Now it’s time to find that next gear and show the CAA what you are made of!

Many thanks to coach Taylor and the 🐉 family for the opportunity that you have provided Alaina! Thank you to coach Kara Sroka for providing a competitive environment for Alaina to flourish in.

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February 26, 2018|